Hey, I'm Autumn!

"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera" - Dorothea Lange

To be perfectly honest, I love what I do. I'm damn good at it. I have dabbled in all sorts of jobs but I kept coming back to the camera. It feels really good to take the craft I love so much and share it. The scope of my photography is wide but I specialize in weddings.

I love weddings: the details, the emotions, the family dynamics, and especially the dancing.

Having me as your wedding photographer is like adding another friend to your wedding party. I bustle dresses, pin boutonnieres like a boss, fetch whiskey, and much more... all while making you look super fly!

Fun Facts
  • I am originally from New Jersey, moved to Colorado when I was 13, and I've been in Seattle since 1998

  • I greatly dislike olives and blue cheese

  • I am an excellent parallel parker

  • LCD Soundsystem is one of my all-time favorite bands

  • The Big Lebowski is my favorite move... were you listening to the dudes' story?

  • I have a cat named Kevin, that's his adorable gray face below

  • When I'm not shooting or editing you can find me singing karaoke, at SoulCycle, dancing, planning or on my next travel adventure

  • So far I've traveled to: Vietnam, Laos, Morocco, France, England, Spain, Mexico, Hawaii (all over the states, really)... and the list is growing

  • I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers

Gettin' deep

I am a lover of light. I remember being fascinated by negatives as a child. I would hold them up to the light and study what I saw until it became familiar. The face of a family member, a tree, one of the eight cats I grew up with, the Delaware River - they would revel themselves to me by way of this skewed imprint illuminated by the window behind it. I was hooked. I wanted to record the way I saw things, to share my perspective. I pride myself in my fluency in the language of light and my appreciation for all temperatures is equal. Playing with shadow and light and incorporating my obsession with symmetry and geometric shapes is my M.O. No matter what I am shooting, a wedding, fashion, portraits, food, a scene in a foreign place, I try to remind myself to always carry my camera with clarity, a sense of humor, romance and a touch of rawness... just to keep things interesting. 

Petrichor (pe-trīkôr)
What the heck does it mean?

The earthly scent produced when rain falls on warm, dry earth. I've always loved this smell. When I learned there was a word for it, that meant something to me. Petrichor is the creation of two elements coming together. Photographer takes photo of subject, and an image is created. 

Petrichor Photo is owned and operated by Autumn Adams, a Seattle based wedding photographer specializing in wedding photography that is candid with a documentary style